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27Apr 2019




Can I use AWS to host my static website

Let us Read for you.

Yes, you can definitely do so. You need to understand more about this Server Support Services. Most of the people are still confused about the cost, usage and types of services. Here in this guide, we have mentioned some facts about it, check them out below:

AWS Support is safe cloud service platform and it has become so much popular and most used in so many reasons. It offers various functionalities, content delivery, and database storage and computer power in order to help businesses grow without any technical issues. Amazon Web Server Support provides broad set of storage, global compute, analytics, database, application and deployment solutions that help business scale and move at faster pace. It offers benefits of cheap Server Management Services. If you are all set to host your website on Amazon Web Server, then cost will depend on the usage.

AWS S3 is sufficient to host a simple static website. By using it, you can create public bucket and then you can upload the website resources for hosting. This is quite simple process. It also offers resources to host dynamic website.

What are the benefits of going with AWS?

Global leader



Pay per use

No negotiation

No commitments


Easy to use


These are some benefits of going with it. You can use AWS support services to get more information about the product and resolve all the queries associated with hosting site on AWS. Whether you are looking for Free SSL or Cheap SSL, you need the right service provider so that you can get trusted and top rated services.

Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query regarding AWS support services.

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