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About Iserver Admin

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Who We Are

What we do is who we are and we don’t just do server management but help you find out what servers and technology would suit your business the best. We let you discover the mastermind admins who would work for you dedicatedly and manage your servers 24×7.

Our History

Formed by Linux expert Rajan Sharma, Iserver Admin had modest beginnings. Iserver Admin is one of those rare IT companies that manage dedicated servers for your business and this is where we stand out.

“What I wanted to do was to come up with a group of geniuses that would make it possible for businesses across the globe to find the most suitable and highly dedicated servers. This could really help them grow and prosper. We wanted to move beyond just server management and we have.”Rajan Sharma, Founder & CEO



The very first step in the formation of this company was a relentless hunt for the best Linux Administrators. We wanted to have an expert for every technology out there.

Great Support

Having contacted those experts, the whole idea was conveyed
to them. A proposal to form a company was introduced and
interviews were conducted on a rather large scale.

Company Grow

We found that a lot many IT experts shared our passion
and ideology and therefore it didn’t take us long to select
the ones that we wanted and make them a part of our

A Team of Linux Experts !!

Today, the Iserver Admin team of professionals makes the end users aware of the kind of servers that suit their business needs the best. We provide them with the level of technology that is ideal for their industry.


First Job

This was the day when we finally kicked off. Our first ever project was of a virtualization set up for a client from the UK. We have been unstoppable since then.

Iserver’s Awesome Team

We Take Pride in Having Collected Unequalled Talent From All Over India.

We Are Young, We Are Fun To Work With and We Are On Top Of Our Game!


Rajan Sharma

CEO @ Iserver Admin