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22Feb 2020




AWS killing small companies slowly, you must know it

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Are you AWS Customer, if yes then this email is for you?

If you have growing application then you can find AWS billing is something a pain. it keeps growing and hard control the cost of it. the billing also bit confused why is that.

if you are just using the EC2 instances or any standby traditional service to keep your website or application up and working then you wasting your money for sure.

Do you know what’s the real use of Cloud services?


Make your application live in clouds, funny ? Well we call it serverless deployment.


What’s the benefit for it?


No server admin requires to keep manage your webserver

Launch high resources when application have traffic and when have no traffic, keep the cost very low.

No custom backup solution needed, no need to worry about credentials management.

You can focus on your business and your developer can focus on creating the code. If they create issue in code then code will not deploy on server unless its not fixed.


And more …..


So, its time to make your application live in clouds with angles, not on stupid standby server and keep costing high bills.

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Rajan Sharma

Cloud Solution Architect

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