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It doesn’t matter to us how your existing infrastructure is deployed. It can be bare metal, VPS, docker, shared hosting or any other platform. We can easily migrate it to the required platform and at the same time, in the migration services we make sure your infrastructure keeps Zero Downtime. we are the best AWS Server Migration Service provider in USA.

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How IServerAdmin can help in migration?

The first question everyone gets in mind when they have the plan to switch infra “what about my data, is it secure and safe?” When we have a plan to start migration then we start with NDA (Non-disclosure agreement). Its legal terms and we strict to keep your data secure and safe. We make sure our migration services suits your requirement

No matter what’s the condition you will not lose your data. Then we take a backup first and create a migration plan with you so you better understand your setup.

Sometimes the consumer doesn’t know where to move infrastructure. What they know is resources requirement growing and now they need to upgrade. we help the consumer to select the right vendor according to budget and requirement. We are not web hosting company so we don’t focus on sell you hosting product. We make sure you have a better solution in your budget.

Now days cloud business growing so fast and everyone needed that setup as it low in cost, uptime is very high and highly stable infrastructure. For example, AWS cost you only for the resources you used. No unwanted charges. You just need to know how to set up website/software or your any service on it. Configuring it wrong can lead you high costing and low productivity. Iserver Admin has expertise on AWS migration services.

People call many names for migration services like WordPress migration services, hosting migration services, aws database migration services, website migration service, software migration service, etc.

if you have any questoins then lets have a chat to dicuss about solution.


  • Migrate to a dedicated server, whether ours or your own customized private cloud.
  • Upgrading to a newer version of CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian.
  • All data including emails, images, videos and applications will be Migrated


  • Hosted your MySQL, PostgreSQL or Mongo databases.
  • Upgrading to a newer database engine while migrating.
  • Minimal risk and downtime with Migration advancement


  • Applications including Content Management Systems (CMS), email and more
  • Upgrade to a newer version of CentOS, Ubuntu or Debian as part of the migration.
  • Migrate all environment-critical data including backups, images, videos and applications.

What We Offer

Migration of servers helps in better asset utilization and improved uptime. It also resolves server down problems and prevents data integrity problems that impede the progress of a company.

Smart Migration

We save your time, money, resources and a whole lot more as we not only do the process of migration, but we educate you about the best server options out there for your business

Minimum Downtime

Our highly advanced technology makes the migration process exceedingly simple. While the average customer may experience major downtime, with Iserver you will not

Reasonable Cost

We guarantee to keep everything within your budget, right from the planning to the execution of it all. We help build powerful enterprises and reputable brands economically

100% Time-Bound Results

We maintain a systematic yet prompt order of functions at Iserver Admin. We work to deliver results on time every time. Remember, with us you are the only priority

Zero Data Loss

We do not ensure but ASSURE zero% data loss. With our advanced measures we prevent any of your critical and other data from being lost or affected adversely

Assure Security

We can manage firewall, intrusion and anti-DOS settings to help you avoid security attacks.

Our Plan - In our migration plan, the cost incurred depends upon the amount of data you need to migrate

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