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25Sep 2019




Server Hardening Linux: Knowing More About

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In all businesses, knowledge plays a very important vital role. Hence, the security of your data or information is essential. The solution to protecting your knowledge lies in backing up the server and conducting periodic server hardening assessment. It keeps an exact copy of each version of a file, each time it saves or makes changes to a file.

In the event of an unwanted intrusion and tampering of your information resource, you have a copy of the original data. You can also restore the complete data when you log in to your administrator and with enough tools. There are many reliable and secure solutions available. Once the process has finished, the file is compressed, encrypted and transferred securely.

The server security hardening service is a specialized service, which leading corporate or online service offers. The corporate process is profitable and no new hardware is required. In a single account, you can manage multiple servers. The transfer of these files with less bandwidth and less space is necessary. It can support all operating systems that can run the execution environment java2 1.4.2 or higher. Windows, Mac, Linux, NAS devices, Netware, etc. are some of the operating systems that support this type of method.

The online system has the function of continuous data protection (CDP) that stores your data file on your hard drive. When changes occur in your file, CDP automatically detects and saves your changes to external storage. In this way, administrators can manage from anywhere and at any time through a web browser. It comes with a complete central web management console.

You can get server hardening done automatically during a certain period of time, a particular day or even every minute. In this type of service, the 256-bit encryption key proves useful for the security of your data. These files need your customizable encryption key to work on them. This method has no additional hardware to buy and avoid the time-consuming process. When doing this type of service, your data is not only safe, but also safe.

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