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20Sep 2019




SQL Server Management Studio 2019

Let us Read for you.

Now days maintaining the website and server resources is costly. It needed many tools to make online business setup. People have to pay the good cost to buy/rent server, mail server, website security, email marketing, CRM and more.
It’s not just static solution, you have to do a lot of research to find the best solution which suits on your requirement or you have to depend on web hosting provider so what they say or provide we have to use and follow. Most of web hosting company sell unwanted resources and products and it damages your application or website in deep and invisible.
you spend good money on servers but

Still, your emails going in spam
Your website ranking not growing on any search engine.
Website load time slow
Website down some times
Required marketing tools too costly to buy

If you facing upper situations then we are on the same page.

So, what should we do?
Iserver Admin has advance skills Linux experts. Every single expert has spent more than 10 years in web hosting and web development industry.
We make a solution to reduce your cost and help you to set up the biggest solution/infrastructure at minimum cost and it’s not just marketing words. Let’s do it in a practical way.

Do you know that you can deploy email marketing setup without any cost? You even don’t need technical skills to do it?
You can get CRM in-house white label
You don’t have to pay for SSL anymore. You can get SSL as many as you want. there is no limitation, terms, and condition.
You can get your website load time less than 2 Sec and uptime 100% with the help of CDN.


more….. ??


In web hosting industry a lot of variation you can see. First let’s understand what you get when you get server from any web hosting company.

  1. Dedicated server or Virtual private server.
  2. Server support.

When we get server from any web hosting company then they provide you the support regarding the hardware/basic solution of operating system.Mostly web hosting company try to provide you managed server.so they can provide you support when you have any problem with server but here we need to understand what support they provide and what limitation we have to face.


  • Web hosting company will not provide you deep server optimization as per application need
  • Web hosting support will install any third party software of package on your server. You have to do it yourself.
  • Web hosting company don’t provide application support if something needs to debug and optimize server accordingly
  • They don’t harden and secure server without additional cost
  • They will not help you to select the optimized server as per your application need, they more focused on profit.
  • They don’t provide individual communication support. Web hosting use ticket support only and chat to know your ticket status. They don’t provide technical support on chat or real time.
  • Web hosting support work on first come first serv principal.
  • Web hosting follow the TAT time rules. And ticket communication makes your solution too long when it can be fixed within a minute.
  • Web hosting provide support when you have trouble and you report it. They don’t do personal monitoring for your application and never fix if they find any issue unless you don’t report.


These are just basic understand topics where you understand the limitation of web hosting company.But still they charge you server with heavy cost because they providing support on it.now thinking what should be the right way to get the support?

lets moved on solution.


Currently many data center provide server without management. And it help you save a lot cost and more premium server in very low cost. But they provide only hardware and os support nothing else.

So here we help you.

Let’s go with live example.


One web hosting company providing dedicated hardware in below cost :

They provide managed dedicated server. If we check the ultimate package then below configuration we getting here.


32GB ram

2TB sata

Bandwidth unlimited.

Cost is $340 per month.


Now if we compare with another vendor/datacenter who providing an unmanaged server management. Here is the cost of same configuration with more resources with great cost.

In $84, you will get very high hardware with SSD and 4TB sata with RAID.Here you have saved $256 and you will get high configuration server.  Now the next question is who will provide support ?


Here we exist.


We help you with  :

  • Setup server
  • Optimized server according to your application
  • Coordinate with your development team and help them to understand the application work on server
  • Help team to deploy code and test
  • Providing 24/7 chat, ticket and call support.
  • Providing dedicated team for your server support
  • An individual will coordinate with you or your team
  • No robotic and useless replies to delay support
  • Secure your server
  • Every week conference call with customer to understand the problem they face and coordinate the solution
  • Keep monitoring the resources application needed and help to grow install as per need.



You just need to focus on marketing, we will take care of your management part. This is what we do, providing dedicated and personalized support to customer.If you facing any similar issue or looking for any low-cost solution then Let’s have a chat and see what we do and how can I help you. I am sure it will be very productive time for you.



Lets have a chat.

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