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04May 2019




Backup and Protect your Data before it gets Lost

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The server is not just a powerful dedicated computer. The server differs from in two main ways. The first is the hardware of the server. Server hardware is certainly created more reliable and more productive. It has some special technological properties, such as memory with parity, RAID controllers, special processor series, support for virtualization operations. All this not only makes the server fast, reliable and fault-tolerant, but also affects the cost and efficiency of the server.

The other difference is that a special server operating system is installed on the server, supporting the functions necessary for modern systems – Active Directory, network services, virtualization, terminal access and so on.

These all features are required by the administrator, who serves the server, higher qualifications and fundamental knowledge in the field of network technologies like Iserveradmin who provides all type of server protection facilities at one place and at a very reasonable price.

Typically, the server in the office is the heart of the information system. It unites all information resources of the company, stores and processes a huge amount of information, and also provides all client computers connected with it with access to these resources and necessary services. Therefore, proper server protection and back up of data is a critical business process for any company.

Even a small failure of the server hardware is able to block the work of the entire organization which leads to loss of data and work on which employees were working. The ‘heart’ of the information system should run smoothly and needs to be taken care of.

The roles that are assigned to us are very different in server protection. It can be server management service, server support services, file, remote access server, terminal access, printing, updates, Internet gateway, domain controller and others.

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