How does Git control works?

In this technological world, there exist various control systems and in fact, you may be familiar with those systems. But, here we are going to talk about the best modern version control system in the world, named as GIT.

It is open-source that is actively maintained, developed in 2005 by Linus Torvalds.  To handle the number of software projects for the best version control system it is necessary to rely on the Git. Git has been working on a wide range of the operating system.


Git consists of distributed architectures, due to that it can be used for the Distributed version control system. It acts like a storehouse, which contains the history of all changes made by developers. Moreover, The Git has been designed by keeping in mind some factors like performance, security, and flexibility in mind.

Let's discuss its some additional features:


Git has been optimized completely from all aspects like branching, merging etc. Some of the common attributes for real source code file trees can be optimized by the git. Git can give you the deep information about how these attributes usually modified over time and what are the access patterns. There is no code or method which can misguide the Git because Git focuses on the file content itself.

Unlike some version control software, Git is not fooled by the names of the files when determining what the storage and version history of the file tree should be, instead, Git focuses on the file content itself. After all, source code files are frequently renamed, split, and rearranged. The object format of Git's repository files uses a combination of delta encoding (storing content differences), compression and explicitly stores directory contents and version metadata objects.

With the Git you can also enjoy its  significant performance benefits:

While taking an  example of a developer, let's see what those benefits are:

A developer who makes changes to the source code by adding the feature of 2.0 releases.  And, whatever will be the resultant changes- a developer can write their description. Similarly, he works on the second feature and again commits those changes. This way he analyses that, which version enable you to ship a bug fix. At the end, he can push them in one command.


While developing Git,  managing the source code is the top of the priority of the developer. All the objects like the content of the files as well as the true relationships between the file and directories, tags and commits etc. are secured with a cryptographically secure hashing algorithm called SHA1. You can check the whole history of the source code with the help of Git.



Git is compatible with all types of projects and also with many existing systems and protocols. This is also one the key feature of the Git.Git enjoys great community support and a vast user base.

The Documentation of GIt  is excellent and plentiful, including books, tutorials, and dedicated websites.

Friday, March 3, 2017

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