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04May 2017




The most general reason people give up their $200,000 tech jobs

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If we talk about the engineers of the silicon valley,  where they are compensated roughly $200,000 a year. Moreover,  they can work in an office with perks such as physical activities, life coaching, and daily catered lunch.

But still, these aren’t fun places to work, particularly for the women and the people of an underrepresented minority.  Take hard-charging, Uber in which company is about to be in danger when the woman employee detailed a horrific situation of harassment in February. Moreover, the tech giants of Oracle and Google, sued by the Department of Labor for seemingly underpaying the female and the minority workers.

 How widespread are these problems?

 The Tech leaves suggest that that the extent to which the companies do mistreatment with the feelings of the employees leads to let the employees leave the most elite jobs. Overwhelmingly, the common reason for leaving the jobs is due to “unfairness or mistreatment” within the working atmosphere as the most common reason for leaving. Perhaps, 30% of the people said that the unfair treatment is the main reason to quit.

Not surprisingly, the study found that workplace experiences differ dramatically by race, gender, and sexual orientation. Hiring is only one-half of the equation, the authors said. If technology companies don’t make substantial efforts to understand how people feel once they are in the workplace, their hiring efforts will be canceled out by turnover.

“Put simply, the diversity numbers may not be changed at least in part because tech companies have become a revolving door for underrepresented groups,” the authors wrote.

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