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07Jul 2017




Six Trustworthy Websites for Downloading Window’s Software

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Six Trustworthy Websites for Downloading Window’s Software


Most of the time people do not want to pay for the required software. They prefer to download free software provided by some of the online websites. But it might be dangerous to download them.
Unfortunately, if you select the wrong one, that will block your computer severely. In this case, without your permission the viruses and malware pushed into your computer. Therefore, to protect your computer, we have decided to let you know about the best Six websites on which you can trust blindly.
Following are the cleanest and the safest websites through which you can download your software.

1 Ninite

Ninite is the popularly known for its safety and security. Here you will see the list of software in which you can click and install the software. This website provides you the custom installer files that can download your all of your software together.
Rated as : 24/25
94% trustworthy
Safe site

2 Softpedia

This website has huge amount of database i.e, 850,000 files in its database and become onr od the largest file hosts on the web. This website also show you the latest news. This is also one of the trustworthy site.
Rated as : 25/25
96% trustworthy
Safe site

3 Major Geeks

This is the most reputable site for over 15 years. This website is the best for the repository of software. Talking about the looks of the website, it looks like a old fashioned website.
Trustworthiness: 93%
Rated : 25/25
Site Adviser Verdict: Safe

4 File Hippo

It gives you the easiest method to download the newest versions of any software. This is one of the popular website and doesn’t have ads or spyware.
Trust able : 93%
Rating as: 24/25
Safe site

5 File puma

This website is better than the file-hippo and is use friendly. Both the sites are using the same user interface. You can trust on this website without any second thought.
Trustworthiness: 91%
Rating: 25/25
safe for you

6 Download Crew

In this website, information about the each software explain on it which covers all the information you need to know. In this you can find the programs like windows, Linux, mac and ios in download crew.
Trustworthiness: 91%
Rating: 25/25
Safe site
So, these are the six best cleanest and safest websites to download free software for your Windows computer. If you know any other site which is trust-able then mention it in the comment box below. Share this post with your friends too.

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