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01Jun 2017





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There were only a few brands that can adopt marketing automation systems. The marketing software’s tuned according to the corporate strategical need. It leads to the company’s growth as it could easily manage- and it worked.

But, today’s companies absorbing marketing automation systems into their staple software diets. Eventually,  a free,  cloud-hosted and open source platform coming out, which is known as Mautic.

Mautic help the marketing automation to reach the masses.

Mautic is launched in 2014  by DAVID HURLEY, which is an automation system with all the features an SMB would ever need was enough to pique my interest.    Over fifty thousands organizations use the  Mautic to grow their business.

You need to sign up for operating Mautic,  a customized dashboard with an array of widgets are easy to add  and drag/drop required interfaces. You can keep tabs on different widgets like contacts by location, categorize the emails like reading, popular and a much more.

Mautic Features

  • You can easily add contacts and categorize them into the marketing campaigns rigged with triggers and automated responses.
  • The responses will come via email, social media or SMS is also available in the Mautic Pro version.

Mautic’s ability to integrate with a long list of third-party platforms includes Facebook, Mailchimp, OpenStack, HubSpot, SugarCRM, and Salesforce.


  • As I have told you earlier, Mautic is free of cost but there are some of the restrictions like
  • You can only add up to 5000 contacts and 1000 emails per day. If you need more than this, then go for its PRO version.


  • Mautic offers a free and cloud-hosted package
  • Its features satisfy most of the brands
  • Contact and campaign management is simple, yet powerful
  • Its landing pages are really very easy to use


  • The free versions limit to just one user account
  • You need to buy the pro version to get enough benefits


All in all, Mautic’s characteristic set is wide enough to cover the wants of most — if not all — SMBs. For those looking to simplicity into marketing automation, Mautic makes for a potent, yet easy-to-use solution.










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