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Installation of Check MK

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Installation of Check MK

Before we talk about the installation of check MK you need to do some preparations which are    required to install Check MK. First of all, you need Nagios running on it. Moreover, it also require fully-functional running installation of Nagios. It should be installed properly for the external commands. Control Nagios through WWW interface. Secondly, Check MK require Python that must be at least 2.3.Sometimes python is by default included by Linux distribution. To make sure call python –version from your command line. It should not be python 3 as check MK is not compatible with it. Thirdly, to run the agent of local host Xinetd is required. It is present by default in all major distributions. In the absence of xinetd, configure the inetd.

Now, you are ready for the installation of Check_MK

The Nagios is installed and ready to start. Now, download the installation tarball from the project homepage of Check_MK. The installation is named as check_mk-VERSION.tar.gz.

root@linux# cd /root

root@linux# tar xzf check_mk-1.1.6p1.tar.gz

root@linux# cd check_mk-1.1.6p1

Now run the script ./ (do not run

root@linux# ./

Configuration for Check_MK is the file through which you can configure Check_MK resides in /etc/check_mk. The only variable require is all_hosts. Start with localhost as:


all_hosts = [ “localhost” ]

More hosts can be listed in all_hosts if you separate them with commas. It is allowed to use newlines as long as the opening bracket is in the same line as the variable all_hosts:


all_hosts = [


“host1”, “host2”, “host3”,

“host4”, “host5”, “host6”


Eventually, localhost is added to all_hosts which act as a first inventory. During this the Check_MK recover the whole data from the hosts and select the items that needs to be monitored. To make it possible call action as cmk with argument –I.


root@linux# cmk -I

cpu.loads             1 new checks

cpu.threads           1 new checks

df                    1 new checks

diskstat              2 new checks

kernel                3 new checks

kernel.util           1 new checks

local                 2 new checks

mem.used              1 new checks

mem.vmalloc           1 new checks

mrpe                  2 new checks

netctr.combined       2 new checks

ps                    1 new checka

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