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AWS Account Manager

Our Amazon Web Services  offers a variety of services out of which AWS account manager manages managing those resources and features that allow for flexible control of cloud computing resources. The services includes the  proper cost allocation, agility, and security to multiple accounts. In case of multiple accounts, the identity based access control strategy need to be choose for the implementation. Our manager gives the  AWS services out-of-the-box federation capabilities from AWS Identity and Access Management using account roles. AWS customers can use these roles to establish good and trustworthy relationship with a trusted account that contains users who need access to a resource and a trusting account(s) that owns that resource. Our dedicated account manager is passionate about looking after our clients and takes an active role in the account management too. We are providing you the ticket support in which you can do chat, video chat and have one-to-one communication with admin as well as the technical expert to get the solution of your problems.


  • To help customers configure an identity-based security structure for their AWS accounts, AWS offers the Cross-Account Manager solution. The solution simplifies cross-account access in the AWS Management Console and leverages AWS Directory Service for authentication using existing Microsoft Active Directory credentials.
  • An account manager develops a primary contact to help manage AWS billing and account-level services.
  • Follow best practices for billing allocation, consolidation of accounts, and root-level account security with proactive guidance.
    Direct access to a billing advocate for payment inquiries, cost reports, service limits, and bulk purchases.